Taryn Assaf, R.M.

I grew up in Ottawa in a Lebanese Canadian family. My experience growing up as a part of different cultures shaped my love for celebrating people for who they are and where they’re at in life. In university, I became inspired to work in reproductive healthcare, where I studied political and social movements in health in addition to health sciences. Midwifery became the clear path forward — a calling where I could combine my passions for advocacy and reproductive justice with being a clinician; a career where I could practice my values every day. After living in South Korea for 5 years, I moved back to Canada to pursue my education in midwifery.

I was a student and midwife all over New England, USA, where I attended births exclusively in homes and birth centres. I became very comfortable with birth in community as a result. I credit my approach to care to my excellent mentors, from whom I learned how to blend traditional community midwifery with modern, evidence based practice. I moved back to Canada in 2021 where I registered as a midwife through the Alberta College of Midwives’ PLEA program and I’ve been working in Calgary ever since. 

I have a passion for and dedication to holistic, dignified midwifery care that centers my clients’ autonomy so that they can birth and parent in their power. I strive to achieve partnership in care: I care that my clients know their options, feel in control, and feel that their choices are respected. I have a love for community building, as I believe community is the most important human relationship, and I strive to incorporate this both inside and outside of midwifery.

My many other passions include cooking and eating delicious food (especially when shared), socially just world travel, hiking in the Rocky Mountains, and a good (off-call) margarita!

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