Sara Greer, R.M.

My path to Midwifery began in 2003 when my nephew was born. My sister was a younger Mom and had gotten a volunteer doula for his birth. I was extremely intrigued by the doula’s role and facilitating the empowerment of younger Mothers. It was for these reasons that I began the process of becoming a doula, myself. Upon attending my first couple of births, I knew that my calling was to become a midwife. While applying to college to complete prerequisites for midwifery school, I attended births with my doula practice as well as volunteered for a youth program.

Before graduating from Bastyr University, I attended births in Vancouver, Seattle, Eastern Washington, and Vanuatu (a chain of islands in the South Pacific). My experience delivering babies in Vanuatu was monumental and I will forever cherish the wonderful women and babies that I worked with there. It was instrumental in my gaining perspective on how different and valuable healthcare practices are around the world. Also, attending an out of hospital midwifery education solidified my comfort in home birth and lower resource settings.

After graduating, I moved back to my hometown of Vancouver, BC to visit family for a little while. In 2010, I decided to move to Calgary after being offered a Registered Midwife position here and have been here ever since. I met my awesome husband in 2014 and we eloped on a beach in 2016 and have since had two healthy beautiful daughters who are the meaning of life. One take away from my first birth was how loved and supported I felt. Even if it doesn’t go the way we want it to, I always want to be able to give THAT to my clients.

I love this city and this group of midwives so much and I feel so blessed to be in such a supportive environment. Since moving here I have, not only, been pursuing my dream of helping women and babies have the most empowering and fulfilling birth experience possible but I also continue to take part in other activities that make me smile. I am really into Muay Thai (kickboxing) and running and I love taking advantage of the pathways and beautiful scenery here. I also enjoy riding my motorcycle, snowboarding, swimming, and watching a live reggae show or Paw Patrol of course.

I am so lucky I get to work with the wonderful women of Calgary and I can’t wait to get to be a part of what I hope will be one of the best days of your lives. Birth is a right of passage and an intense experience. So why not make it a positive one filled with love?

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