Nicole Guay, R.M.

I have always had a strong passion for women’s health and wellness, which propelled me along my path to midwifery. While working as a chiropractic assistant, I met a midwife who inspired me to delve deeper into the healthcare field. 

In 2009 I obtained my Medical Laboratory Assistant Certificate in Calgary and worked for a short time as a phlebotomist. Still, my mind always wandered back to those conversations about midwifery. I soon realized a future working exclusively with childbearing women and their families is what I desired. After a short period as a Doula, I finally set my sights on becoming a midwife. In 2016, I obtained my Bachelor of Midwifery Degree from Mount Royal University in Calgary. As part of my midwifery education, I was privileged to travel to Oxford, England where I worked alongside the midwives at the John Radcliffe Hospital Women’s Centre and experienced midwifery in English culture.  

Empowering women to make informed choices for their families, supporting and nurturing their intimate birth experiences, and guiding them through this special time is a privilege for me. Each family is so perfectly unique, and every birth is so special and sacred. I am truly honored to be invited into their lives to share in their extraordinary journeys.

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