Maura Burns, R.M.

My path to midwifery was certainly not direct.  My first exposure to the profession was during a lecture at the University of Toronto where I completed my first degree.  It was a class on women’s health and a midwife came to speak about birth in Canada.  I was intrigued, and over the next few years, as many of my friends became mothers, my interest in the practice of midwifery continued to grow. Then as I worked with immigrant families I heard from them, as well as friends born and bred in Canada, of their collective dissatisfaction in the birthing process in place. The lack of a personal, intimate, sacred experience during pregnancy and birth was an almost universal complaint, as were the feelings of powerlessness and disconnection to their care providers. Ultimately, it was this sentiment that prompted me to go back to school for a second degree in order to become a midwife.

I enjoy all aspects of the work.  The foundation begins with meeting and building trust between the woman, her family and myself.  Next my focus is to communicate all of the physical, emotional and medical issues related to a pregnancy as we see each other prenatally.  The labour is a time for creating a cocoon of safety and support in order to allow the woman the space to birth.  In the postpartum time I facilitate the family’s transition into parenthood.  In over a decade of practice there has never been an identical birth process and the challenge of this keeps things fresh for me.

The birth of my son Henry in 2009 further broadened my perspectives of this process and has given me the sense of community with all mothers in the world who are joyfully growing through the many challenges of parenthood.

I continually thank my lucky stars for the opportunities that have allowed me to meet and share the precious moments that begin and grow families.

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