Lindsay Vanderburg, R.M.

I came to midwifery in a roundabout way, having grown up with a fascination for the human body and the life sciences, and a love for engaging with and caring for people. My grandfather was a general physician and surgeon, practicing in rural Saskatchewan and eventually settling in High River, AB. Growing up, I heard many stories of the families he cared for and the community built, often traveling to homes and farmsteads to provide and facilitate healthcare in a manner best suited for each family.

After pursuing a degree in Speech Sciences and graduating from the University of British Columbia, I worked for Alberta Health Services in Speech Language Pathology for a short while before returning to school to become a midwife. I completed my midwifery degree in Utah and then the International Midwifery Pre-Registration Program at Ryerson University. Throughout my training I have had the opportunity to practice midwifery in Idaho, Washington, Alberta, the Dominican Republic, and Ontario. Prior to returning to Calgary in 2018, I worked in Regina, SK as a RM for the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

The midwifery model of informed choice, client- and family-centered care, and autonomy and empowerment of the birthing person and their family resonates with every part of my being. I feel so grateful for the opportunity to walk alongside clients and their families, through whatever their path may dictate for pregnancy, birth and parenting. 

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