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Calgary's Longest Established Midwifery Practice

Briar Hill Midwives is the longest established practice of midwives in Calgary. We provide personalized continuous care to families throughout their childbearing years.

About Us

We are a group of registered midwives arranged into teams, providing care to women in Calgary and surrounding areas throughout the childbearing years. We share a common holistic midwifery philosophy and work closely together to ensure personal continuous care to women, their newborns, and their families.

Our experiences are diverse, from nursing backgrounds to midwifery experiences in other countries such as Britain, Australia, and the US.

We strongly believe that parents have the right and responsibility to make informed, intelligent, and sensitive decisions about the manner in which they choose to give birth. We provide the resources to assist families in making these decisions. We are very proud of the care which we have been privileged to provide to hundreds of women and are happy to provide references from past or present clients

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